Spring Cleaning Your Home For Pet Owners

Spring Cleaning Your Home For Pet Owners

I don’t know about you but with the current pandemic lock downs it leaves many of us with time on our hands!  I have decided therefore to make good use of my time at home and catch up on all my spring cleaning…!


As many of you will know I have had a puppy to house train recently as well as a very old dog who sometimes forgets where the garden is, if you know what I mean - ugh!  I must tell you I have tested and become a firm fan of Urine Off…!  Such a great find that I thought I would tell you about it…..  This is a product range that actually works!



Urine Off eradicates the problem of urine odours and stains.  How?  Well, the natural bio-enzymatic formula has been specifically developed to ‘eat’ the insoluble uric acid crystals.  What is this I hear you say… Well it is a component of urine that binds itself to the floor surface and is very difficult to remove.  Well not anymore because you will soon notice a big difference if you use this product.


In the range there are a range of different products to tackle most situations, so I am going to tell you about them so you can select the most helpful for your own situation.


Urine Off Carpet Spray - I find that this useful ready to use spray is ideal for tackling my puppy’s misdemeanours ‘caught in action’.  It’s quick, it’s easy and helps to stop repeat marking.




Urine Off Injector Cap - A good one for removing both old and fresh stains permanently from virtually any surface and has been really great for the carpets in particular.  Applying with the injector cap helps you really get in to the pile of the carpet particularly when dealing with previous accident areas you might have thought were clean from usual washing.  Trust me they weren’t totally clean and still lurk….





Once you have tried this product you will swear by it!  With this in mind we stock a convenient gallon sized bottle which is a good low cost way of refilling the other smaller bottles - and trust me you will want to!


The next product on our list is incredible for larger puddles control (my old boy is an Otterhound so believe me the puddle is more of a lake).  Simply sprinkle over the puddle and turn it in to a solid clean up…. Easy!  Such a powerful and absorbent powder that solidifies liquids in seconds making the clean up quick and effective. The Zorb It Up product also comes in handy Absorbent Sheets for my lazier moments and certainly a product that will be travelling with me - in the future when I can!




Now for the OCD's amongst us…… There is also a really nifty little ‘UV Light Finder’ torch which is finely tuned to find dried urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye (you know, the ones you thought you’d already dealt with in the past).  This is the perfect tool with which to find the areas that I had forgotten happened long ago but still lurked and clearly needed the Urine Off treatment!





Once all this part of my Spring cleaning was done I just had to add the icing on the cake product and so I also tried out the Pet Odour Neutralising Fogger.  Conveniently packaged in a total release fogger it destroys any lingering odours on contact.  Simply turn it on in a sealed room where any offending odours may lurk and allow just an hour to knock out the smell.  I used this time for a well deserved cup of coffee and a sit down in my garden.


Happy Spring Cleaning!



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