We Are Launching Our Frozen Delivery Service

We Are Launching Our Frozen Delivery Service


Exciting news from Raw N More - a real ‘Frozen’ delivery service


We strongly believe that the raw food we feed our cats and dogs should be kept totally frozen until it is time to defrost it and serve, so much so we have not offered deliveries before now because we didn’t have the proper facilities to offer the service.


Claire first came up with the need for Raw N More in Jersey from being concerned not only with the quality of food we could buy locally but most importantly real health concerns for our pets when pick ups resulted in getting already partially defrosted supplies that we were told would be fine to be re-frozen….!  It didn’t surprise us when Jersey had a spate of sick dogs after eating food that had partially or totally defrosted in the sun and then put back in the freezer!



So Raw N More was born and having visited all our suppliers to ensure quality of product, strict hygiene and correct handling from their freezers to our shippers, we are totally confident that after our shippers have taken delivery they keep our consignments in their freezers before loading onto the ferry and within totally frozen conditions the food finally arrives in Jersey in the totally frozen state it started it’s journey in.


Our shippers who will turn away any consignment that doesn’t meet with these stringent controls then clear the consignments and deliver the pallets still under strict temperature controls, ensuring that by the time the pallets are then unloaded by forklift straight in to our commercial freezer they are still in their original frozen state. 



Our suppliers are impressed by the measures we take to safe guard their brand and the welfare of the animals we feed…. and so are our customers!  It’s our strong company ethos for something so necessary for the true safety of frozen raw, so we weren’t going to drop our standards by offering just a standard delivery scheme!


We make no apology for the wait but the time has come when we are now confident you won’t find a better service!  We are currently the only raw store to offer such a fully frozen delivery service and will always remain as the first.  But of course, you can still buy and collect from our store if you prefer or if no-one can be at home to take a delivery.



You can choose a delivery slot as someone will need to be at home to take your delivery as it is against our ethics to just leave it on the doorstep! 


Our service is Island wide and free for all all orders over £30 but you will of course be able to order less than this with a small delivery charge.


We promised it would come - and now it has!  For more details on the delivery service please go to: 



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