ABOUT ALBION - a raw range of food for dogs



With over 30 years’ experience delivering the highest quality products based on the BARF Diet and observing the difference that they make to customers and their dogs, Albion know a thing or two when it comes to providing the very best in animal nutrition.  Their meals combine the right balance of natural ingredients to help you to maintain the health and vitality of your dogs. 

They try to source their ingredients locally where possible using meat, fruit and vegetables from approved British farms and from other tried and tested suppliers with all their meat being tested along with all their manufacturing processes and production methods to meet the stringent Defra standards.  They do not add any manufactured supplements to their recipes as all the vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain a healthy life can be found in the raw ingredients. 

Human grade British meat is used in the Albion Standard, Albion Country Bowl Premium, Chunky and Freeflow ranges and quality vegetables and fruit are also added to our Premium Complementary Feed range.  Albion Meat Products’ ranges do not contain wheat, rice, soya, eggs, dairy produce, animal derivatives, additives, preservatives or colouring as many people believe that such ingredients have been the cause of a variety of health problems in dogs. 

No extra vitamin supplements are added to their meals as all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs come straight from the natural ingredients in their food. This is the philosophy of a true BARF Diet, nothing added, nothing taken away, just healthy food containing quality ingredients.

All meat and bones are minced to make sure that the meals are highly digestible and palatable for your dog. The Albion Standard and Albion Country Bowl ranges come in convenient 454g packs which are easy to defrost and store in the freezer, with their Chunky and FreeFlow ranges coming in 2kg packs which are easy to portion out and reseal for future use.

 Albion's Guide on How Much to Feed

For an adult dog feed 2-3% of body weight with 60% meat, 20% carbohydrate and 20% fruit and vegetables. 

For a puppy feed 10% of body weight and then reduce down as they grow, with 60% meat, 20% carbohydrate and 20% fruit and vegetables. 

If your dog is on a non carbohydrate diet then feed 80% meat and 20% fruit and vegetables.

Dogs’ activity levels vary greatly and no two dogs are the same so you need to adjust the amount you feed accordingly. Your dog should not be fat, it should have a waist and you should be able to feel its ribs under its coat.

Dogs can be fed either once or twice a day and Albion suggest replacing one or two meals a week with raw bones.