NATURAW - with ranges for both Cats & Dogs



Naturaw is a family run company based in rural North Yorkshire. Passionate about their pets, to the extent that by their desire to feed them the best diet available… raw - even though there are several vegetarians amidst their ranks).

After a couple of years as a retailer of raw food, deep down their  passion was always to create something truly special of their own. So, in Late 2015 they moved in to their first dedicated premises in North Yorkshire and launched their range of raw food made in their own production kitchen producing the chunky mince made from quality cuts of British meat, to the beautiful biodegradable packaging – packaging that they strongly believe is labelled to an unbeatable standard in clarity, transparency, and quite simply helpfulness. In addition, they are incredibly proud to have launched the first raw pet food in the UK to be organically licensed (OFG).

Demand for their range proved unprecedented, and in 2017 had to move again – to much bigger premises a few miles away.

As a new addition to their range, their cat food comes in convenient 275g tubs (biodegradable of course!).  A finer mince than the dog offerings, all the varieties include plenty of dark meats like heart which are naturally higher in taurine. None of the cat foods contain any tripe as to cater to the refined taste buds our feline friends can possess!