PURRFORM - Raw Food for Cats

A brand specialist in feline raw cat food and nutrition.  Raw N More are delighted to exclusively bring this brand in to the Channel Islands.

PurrForm, simply pure and natural recipes are aimed at replicating what nature would provide. Cats know what they like when it comes to food.

Natural • Convenient • Grain Free • Quick to defrost • Easy to serve • High in protein • No waste

The 70g pouches come in a variety of flavours which offer a convenient way to store and serve the food with no wastage.  The meat, bone and offal are ground, blast frozen and vac packed to ensure the freshest quality. 

PurrForm recipes are a complete raw diet , grain-free,  high in protein, containing only what a cat would eat in the wild. Their recipes are made with 100% human grade meat which includes raw meat, offal and finely ground bones and all meats are carefully selected to give your cat the meal that it deserves. 

How much raw meat and bone should you feed your cat?

  • Daily amount should be around 2% to 3% of the total body weight of your cat, spread over 2 meals, morning and evening.
  • Food portion will also depend on your cat’s appetite as one day they might ravish their bowl and the next day they will only eat half of their meal.
  • Kittens of 9 months can eat twice as much per gram of body weight as an adult cat, as they are growing.
  • When feeding your cat, set a routine whereby the food is given in the morning and in the evening, preferably at the same time each day. If a cat is eating the correct food, it does not need to ‘graze’ during the day.
  • Remove any uneaten food after 30/45 minutes, cover it and this can be stored in the fridge for later.