Cats are Obligate Carnivores - they must eat meat!

Being predators, cats in the wild often eat the entire animal they hunt if it is small, and will eat nearly everything except the intestines of larger animal hauls. This includes the bones of their catch, as raw bone is highly digestible and is the primary source of calcium for cats.   

By understanding that you are providing your pet with the species appropriate diet you can quickly come to the conclusion that it makes total sense that both of you will enjoy the benefit of a much healthier cat.

There are no natural vegan cats!

This is because their digestive systems are adapted specifically for a meat-based diet. We know this because a cat's digestive tract is short and acidic.  That alone allows cats to process their species appropriate raw food highly efficiently in about 12 hours.  Additionally their systems have no requirement for carbohydrates and therefore have very limited ability to digest them having evolved from eating a diet with almost no carbohydrates.  There is simply no getting away from it - cats are obligate carnivores and as such they must eat meat.

There are essential nutrients that cats require that cannot be acquired naturally from eating a cooked or kibble diet.

Taurine is an essential amino acid that is found in raw meat but is destroyed by the heat process of cooking.  Cats lacking this essential amino acid can become sick through the deficiency which can lead to heart implications.

A cooked meat diet also weakens their digestive system making them more susceptible to parasites and infections from such things as tape worms.  When fed raw the intestinal tract remains clean and strong.

Big, gloppy, smelly puddles in the litter box are not normal……

The Volume of stools and their unpleasant odour will greatly reduce because by being fed a proper diet their bodies will be using most of the food you have provided.  Some owners are quite surprised that this can be cut down by as much as half and don’t worry because they won’t be looking to provide you with more so many times a day either! 

There is a reason for the reduced ‘pong’ factor as well as their stools will usually become drier, a little crumbly and therefore have greatly reduced smell. Remember back in the wild, this would make perfect sense for a predator that of course would also have it’s own predators…. It absolutely wouldn't want to be leaving too many smelly advertisements of its presence in the area!

You should notice after a few weeks that your cat’s coat has become softer and even silkier.  Essential fatty acids in their raw diet will greatly benefit their skin and coats, shedding will be reduced and that leads to another huge benefit - reduced incidence of hairballs.

Enjoy watching your cat becoming more energetic and wanting to play more - all because they are getting more readily available energy from their food.  Whereas we humans and our dogs bodies tend to turn off the need to burn protein when it’s not around a cat can’t - another reason for their requirement to come from a high quality meat protein source.

If overweight, don’t worry that your cat is showing signs of slimming down towards better health. Cats will simply overeat when fed the wrong diet as they will be trying to make up for the nutrient deficiencies in the food.  They are highly unlikely to overeat when fed the a species appropriate food because it is a great deal more satisfying to them resulting in not feeling hungry all the time. 

As raw also provides a bone content your cat’s diet will also keep cleaner teeth and gums and therefore less periodontal disease.  This is important to your cat’s health as the bacteria from dental infections can spread to other parts of the body causing health problems.

Of course the importance of not giving any cooked bones is exactly the same advice as when feeding dogs a raw diet.  Cooked bones can splinter and cause terrible problems if digested.  Cooked bones also loose a lot of the essential nutrients that bones provide your pet with.

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